I realize that this is not a place for writting common things, like you do in some social networks, but, I need to tell you about something very important related to the process of being a teacher… Few months ago, I had the idea that teachers only stand up in front of a group and then they start the class, they improvised their class, they only talk about the things that they want… I was completely wrong!!!! Organization is an essential aspect for planning a class, well; First, planning a class looks like something impossible, and it is easier to say, “I can improvise”, but, your students expect more than only a person who talks about somethig that you do not dominate completely, (Actually, we have eonugh teachers like this)… Also, time is a double-edged sword, you have to cover objectives in a few time, if you do not organize, you will not do anything.

It is very difficult for me to do some tasks as a teacher, but, the most that I discover this world, the best effort that I try to make for becoming a good teacher.

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