I think we need to teach correct pronunciation these days because people all over the world speak English with different accents, but English is the same here and in China, and the principal purpouse is to understand other people and make our English understandable for everybody. The best tool that we could use is phonemes.

Of course we can improve the pronunciation of adults, because we never finish to learn. There are many aspects involved in pronunciation: Intonation, emphasise, sentence stress. Pronunciation is one of the most complex and difficult aspects of English, that is the reason why we need to make more emphasise on improving it.

Again and Again… A question.

I do not know exactly what it is a “grammar term”… I supposse that it is a certain kind of expression or little rules ( like affixing or using contractions). Grammar structures make easily the learning of English. Also, they can help us to undrestand and to improve our expression abilities. Everythig has a reason for exist. It is the same with Grammar structures… Anyone could help me ith the meaning of “Grammar term”? Thak you so much. 😀

I like to figth :D

I disagree with this reflection : Children do not learn grammar when they learn their first language but adults who lean a second language really need to… Kids do not realize that they are learning grammar but, actually, they do that because without grammar we would not be able to talk or write… Maybe adults have to learn a lot of gammatical structures but it does not mean that they have never seen or heard them. Grammar is everywhere.


I thought that, in a certain period of our life, all of us have had the same idea :¨Learning grammar is really boring and does not help to speak¨ but, there are many ways of turn into something funny the teaching of grammar. Nevertheless, we can not convince kinds of the importance of grammar, but if they have some grammatical knowledge at their short life, they will be grateful to us on their future learning-English experience.

Why I did this?

It could sound a little ridiculous, but I always have wanted to be an English teacher… So, it is the opportunity of getting a dream. I think it is going to be an experience which would include feelings (happiness, maybe frustration) and hard work… When we are in front of something unknown, its normal feeling scared about it.  At the end, everything shared here would help us, maybe I don’t know enough about the language, but, if someone has some doubt about everything, I will do my best effort to help you.

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